Whilst the all of the work carried out by AS Davies Joinery is completely bespoke and uses
traditional techniques, many of our customers require the combination of these
techniques with modern technology, such as draught proofing, double glazing
and sophisticated security measures.
AS Davies Joinery are able to assist and advise in designing joinery to suit your needs.


Doors are a fundamental architectural feature of a building. A beautiful entrance door to a property creates a very positive first impression for a visitor or potential purchaser. Doors, like windows, need to combine function with aesthetics. Interior and exterior doors can be custom-
made to match an existing example or designed specifically to fulfil your exact requirements.

Doors can be supplied coated in preservative and primed ready for installation by others or we can offer the complete service which includes installation and finish.

Custom-made interior doors can be manufactured to fit a non standard opening, to individualise the interior design scheme or to recreate an historical period. We can advise on the choice of design features such as the number of panels, mouldings and the use of glazing to create interest or additional light.

Good design is the key to the durability and function of an exterior door. AS Davies Joinery can assess your requirements based on location and exposure to weather conditions, period and style, timber choice, preservation and finish, draught and weather proofing, security measures and furniture.


Staircase design, manufacture and installation are areas of expertise upon which AS Davies Joinery particularly prides itself. We have extensive experience in a range of staircase designs including:-
    • open tread
    • cut and mitred
    • string built
    • winders
    • straight
    • dog leg

Staircases can incorporate turned and carved newel posts and spindles, metal work and continuous handrail. AS Davies Joinery can assist in the design and setting out of staircases to fit a particular location whilst conforming to building regulations.


We tailor make windows accordingto specified design, size and application, in a range of softwood and hardwood, or a combination of both to give maximum durability within a budget. Replacement windows, single or double glazed, can be manufactured to match existing in a range of designs including casements, stormproof and traditional windows, Victorian box sash, sliding sash windows using spiral balances, Yorkshire lights, bay windows and shaped windows. Wooden windows can be fitted with double glazing units to minimise exterior sound and draughts.
Windows can be supplied coated in preservative and primed ready for installation by others or we can offer the complete service which includes installation and finish.
We can offer assistance with design or, alternatively, supply according to architects specification.
Understanding the effects of the environment in which the wood will be used is essential to determine choice of timber and use of protective surfaces and preservatives. Good design is the key to the durability of a timber window. Our designs endeavour to minimise water retention and damp penetration. Drained and vented rebates prevent deterioration of the timber and premature failure of glazing unit seals from trapped water.